What is ANSI/SPRI ES-1 and why you should be designing around it…

As roofing designers and professionals, most of us have horror stories about roof failures due to metal edge failure.  We were just last week on a project in which 30 squares had completely blown off during a storm due to the cleat becoming disengaged on the front face of the coping during high wind conditions.Perma-Tite-Coping-TaperedStudies performed by Factory Mutual Insurance and many other independent sources show that the vast majority of all litigation in roofing system failure is due to metal edge failure.  While many roofing contractors and sheet metal shops manufacture to ES-1 specifications and are certified to do so, many others do not.Below are some helpful reads to not only explain the ES-1 testing procedure, but show how easy and economical it is to not only ensure the product you install meets this important performance test and meet International Building Code, but looks great and is easy to install.The link below will take you to a great resource article explaining the key players behind the testing and test procedure itself…ES-1 Tested Edge SystemsmetaleralogoSpecialties Plus is devoted to teaming with manufacturers that not only offer high quality building envelope products, but are invested in the research, development & the overall improvement to existing building practices.  From copings and fascias, to gutter, downspouts and custom metal edge profiles, Metal Era leads the industry in pre-manufuctured metal edge systems. You can check out their full product offering by clinking on their logo here.

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