Below is a collection of useful links, documents, reports, studies, videos and many other resources that can come in useful for specifying and designing around building envelope products.


  • NFPA-285 Fire Test:  The National Fire Protection Association 285 fire test is a large scale wall assembly test used to determine the potential for flame spread from one story of a building to another through the exterior wall.  This link will direct you to the NFPA website for a closer look at the test protocol and standards.  Click here for a video of the actual test being performed.


  • ANSI/SPRI ES-1:  We receive a lot of questions from architects and contractors regarding this test for metal edge systems such as coping and fascia.  ES-1 is a hot topic in today’s roofing market due to the fact that most roofing system failures are a result of failure at the perimeter of the building.  This test, as defined and tested by the American Single-Ply Research institute and adopted by International Building Code ensures that the metal coping, gravel guard or fascia systems that are specified will meet the stringent demands of straight line winds and wind uplift pressures.  We have also written a blog article on this subject that can be found here.


  • Wind Calculator:  Are you designing around a metal coping or fascia system and need to check the design pressures your roof edge will need to meet or exceed?  Metal Era, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of metal copings, fascias and edge ventilation systems has created a very handy little calculator for just this!  In addition, they have a Net Free Area Calculator for ventilated roofs.  Check these calculators out here.


  • NFPA 285 Wall Assembly Guide:  The NFPA 285 fire test has been in the IBCNFPA 285 Assembly Guide (International Building Code) since 2000.  It continues to gain attention due to increased diversity in exterior wall systems and increased enforcement by code officials.  Hunter Xci has created a wall assembly application guide to help design professionals create assembly options for compliance with NFPA 285 wall assemblies utilizing Hunter Xci polyiso products.  They have performed extensive testing with their polyiso products to provide over 80 NFPA approved combinations of wall assemblies to choose from!  This quick and easy tool can help to ensure your building envelope design is 285 compliant.  Hunter Xci has also created an app for your iPhone and iPad.  The web-based assembly guide as well as the downloads can be found by clicking this resource title which will take you to Hunter Xci’s home page.  The assembly guides can then be located on the right side of the screen.